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Renewing your GBACH Membership


Please follow these instructions ONLY if you are a returning GBACH member (i.e., one who already has website access).

1) Complete the 2021-2022 Form, fill out the required information. 

2) Mail your annual dues to the address indicated on the form or pay using Paypal.

3) Send a copy of your PI-1206 to GBACH by November 1.  To do this you may email an electronic copy of your PI-1206 in PDF form to [email protected] or send a paper copy to the PO Box listed on the registration form.

 Updating your family's profile in our Membership Directory is required to keep our GBACH website current. To do this, click on “Profile” at the tippy top of the page (above the header)

Renewing by September 15th will insure your continued, uninterrupted use of the GBACH website.



If you are new to GBACH this year

(i.e., do not yet have website access) please start here.